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Sewage treatment


Application of modern methods of cleaning industrial wastewater treatment provides them with high quality, as evidenced by the diverse flora and fauna of the ponds, the final process of bioremediation. Siam-Vostok originally being the main enterprise, continues to be responsible for cleaning up the city's sewage.

Commissioning of the installation of ultraviolet disinfection of treated domestic waste water was allowed to renounce their chlorination. Water disinfection is carried out by ultraviolet radiation on the basis of improved germicidal low-pressure lamps.

At the aeration tanks - structures designed for biological treatment of waste water - used for air diffusers made of porous polyethylene, which increased oxygen content and improve the processes of oxidation in the aeration tanks.

On the objects of treatment facilities are equipped with modern lattice firm Riotek (St. Petersburg).

At the site of flotation used new equipment for the saturation of effluent air: its operation can reduce the consumption of reagents used in flotation and improve degree of purification.

Thanks to the upgrading of sewage treatment plants the company has improved the quality of wastewater, improved reliability of equipment and improved working conditions of operators.

It is planned that with the commissioning of the Plant petroleum refining (ZGPN) increase capacity of sewage treatment plants: to be introduced a new line of 1000 cubic meters. m / h for cleaning industrial and storm water overflows. It should be emphasized that in the title list of sites under construction ZGPN environmental facilities account for 30%.

In the same period planned to implement the process of denitrification and defosfotatsii at the sites of biological treatment of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage of the city Kirishi. This will reduce nitrates and phosphates in treated water was discharged into the reservoir by 35% and 25% respectively.

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