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Mission and strategy


Highly professional realization of high-scale oil and gas projects all over the world to gain economic benefit for the State.
Development and strengthening of international economic relations of Russian Federation, strengthening of geopolitical positions of Russia on the international market.
In accordance with the Corporate development strategy approved by the Board of Directors of Siam-Vostok Refinery, by 2030 the company shall become a major high technology holding in the Russian Fuel and Energy Complex with developed competences in the area of hydrocarbons production, including offshore, petrochemical refining, provision of services and trading, and also possess significant potential in the innovational and technological area.

Siam-Vostok Refinery sets the following strategic goals for itself:

Preservation of competitive benefits and increase of competences in the area of offshore hydrocarbon production, oil refining and petrochemistry;
Development of innovational and technological potential by means of own studies and acquisitions on the market of highly technological companies and technologies;
Increase of financial resources inflow dedicated to the development of the company by means of active work on the financial markets and in the trading segment;
Extension of geography of strategic presence on the international market.

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