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Air protection


Our Refinery realizes an annual program of technical business development, including activities by which reduced emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, among them:

- Replacement of furnaces and increasing their efficiency in plants LCH-35-11/600, Parex-1, ortho-para-xylene and total xylenes;

- Replacement of nozzles on the furnace plants with more efficient, thereby improving combustion;

- Reconstruction of the dust collection system at the site of discharge of the filler, made in 2005 on the production of "Izoflex. Sredneekspluatatsionnaya degree of purification at the time the inventory of emission sources (2006) was 99%.

- Installation of pontoons at the tanks several installations that helps to reduce hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere, including aromatic, at 80-95%. These pontoons are mounted in the tanks installations L-35-11/300, Parex-1 and 2, PST light oil L-35-11/600, LB-35-8/300B, A-24 / 6.

Thanks to the implementation of protection programs for air quality emissions into the atmosphere over the past 10 years has decreased in 1,5 times.

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